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Busy Oxfordshire skies

Hercules on the way to RAF Brize Norton Hercules on the way to RAF Brize Norton Photo: © Wikipedia/Paddy Bohan

In Oxfordshire, we may not have a Heathrow, a Gatwick or a Stanstead, but we do have a major international airport - RAF Brize Norton - and a local airport at Kidlington.

Oxfordshire is on a series of major incoming international flight paths to London's main airports but most of that air traffic is at high altitude, producing no more than a distant rumble and spectacular vapour trails.

But residents of West Oxfordshire cannot help but be aware of the major international airport at RAF Brize Norton, who are treated daily to their own airshows of low-flying incoming military aircraft - fixed wing transport plane, jets and helicopters.

Complaints of noise have risen from 23 to 958 since Hercules aircraft moved from RAF Lyneham to Brize in 2011.

Residents of Kidlington and nearby villages living close to London Oxford Airport (that Kidlington airport) have noticed more and more aircraft buzzing across the skies as realistic and practical alternatives to flying decrease. Indeed the airport's website claims it "offers a lower cost, easy access and smarter London alternative."

We will be keeping our eyes - and ears - open for any increases in air transport that further destroy the tranquillity of our county.

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