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Old Kiln Lanes development in Chinnor Old Kiln Lanes development in Chinnor Photo: © Becky Crockett

There are many planning challenges currently facing Oxfordshire and the Oxford Green Belt including housing, windfarms, mineral extraction, waste and transport infrastructure. We consider each one on its merits and ask: it is appropriate? Is it needed? What impact will it have on our countryside and our communities?

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Neighbourhood planning in Woodcote Neighbourhood planning in Woodcote Photo: © Geoff Botting

The planning system is being blamed as too slow and as a barrier to growth and economic development. This is simply not true. Planning helps us to develop carefully, appropriately, sympathetically and for the benefit of us all. It protects us from short term greed and preserves the character of our villages, towns and landscapes.

New houses in Chinnor New houses in Chinnor Photo: © Becky Crocket

Planning should be a balance between economic, social and environmental considerations. It is a crucial tool in protecting our countryside, while encouraging the right development in the right places for the right reasons.

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