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We care about farming

Cattle in a flooded field Cattle in a flooded field Photo: © Jane Tomlinson

We strongly support the countryside stewardship role played by our farmers. Farmers are crucial in maintaining and protecting the beauty and diversity of our countryside. Their opinions matter.

Without farmers to maintain our countryside, familiar and much-loved features such as hedgerows, drystone walls, pastures, meadows, woods and traditional barns that contribute to the unique character of the English countryside, could disappear. Livestock farming is particularly important to the countryside, maintaining landscape character and wildlife habitats.

CPRE's Vision for the Future of Farming

In its Vision for the Future of Farming, CPRE has outlined the changes to farming practice and agricultural policy that it would like to see by 2026. They include a price premium for farmers who adopt environmental sustainability standards, fairer milk prices for dairy farmers and farms producing renewable energy through sensitively designed and located small-scale schemes.

See: CPRE public survey finds people want farmers to be custodians of the landscape

See: CPRE's Vision for the Future of Farming (pdf)


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