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We cherish Oxfordshire's landscapes

A field edge on White Horse Hill A field edge on White Horse Hill Photo: © Jane Tomlinson

We cherish the Oxfordshire landscape for its beauty, productivity, tranquillity and its intrinsic value in its own right.

From the nationally protected landscapes, like our three AONBs, down to small but much-loved local nature reserves like Radley Lakes near Abingdon we think Oxfordshire landscapes are worth fighting for.

Oxfordshire's green heritage can be enjoyed in town and country; from the peace and quiet of the Chilterns to a protected green space within the heart of Oxford like Warneford Meadow.

And it's diverse! The glorous Chiltern beechwoods, the limestone grasslands of the Cotswolds, the lush meadows of the Thames Valley and the wetlands of Otmoor - we have many habitats to protect.

All of our campaigns are based on the values of beauty, tranquilliity and diversity, but some of our campaigns have an especially close link to them, such as:
  • Advertising on roundabouts
  • Countryside character
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Fly-tipping
  • Hedgerows
  • Light pollution
  • Litter
  • Local food
  • Tree protection
  • Roadside advertising

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